Canada has always been at the forefront to offer refugee status to individuals who face danger in their country of citizenship. Such people may include individuals who are at risk to their life or a risk of cruel treatment or punishment in their country.  

If you are in Canada and a removal may result in persecution or a cruel punishment, you may be able to seek protection in Canada as a refugee from within Canada. 

Private groups and organizations can also sponsor refugees or persons who are living in refugee-like situations. Such sponsors commit themselves to working with refugees for their successful settlement in Canada during the first twelve months after their arrival and provide them with basic financial, emotional support and settlement assistance. 

Among these private groups who can sponsor refugees or persons living in refugee-like situations is the “Group of Five” or “G5”. This means that a group of five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents can submit an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to sponsor refugees or persons who are in a refugee-like situation to resettle in Canada and begin a new life. A Group of Five is usually a onetime group that is formed to respond to a specific situation regarding the sponsored refugees. 

In all cases, refugees must show that they do not have the possibility of a solution to their problems if they continue living in their country of nationality or country of residence, and view Canada as a durable solution to their situation. Eligible individuals and their families must have valid travel documents. 

Major Categories Include: 

  • Convention refugees abroad: a person who meets the definition of Convention refugee, who is living outside Canada and is seeking admission to Canada for resettlement purposes. 
  • Country of asylum class: a person is outside of his or her country of nationality but continues having problems as a result of civil war, armed conflict or violation of human rights 
  • Source country class: a person is living in his or her country of citizenship but is seriously affected by civil war or armed conflict in that country, and suffers a deprivation of his or her right of freedom of expression, dissent or belonging to a trade union and because of that has been detained or imprisoned. 

If you or your family members are in a situation like this and are at risk of life or cruel treatment or punishment, please Contact Us and we may be able to represent you in your application to claim refugee settlement in Canada provided you meet all the eligibility requirements.